Enviroconsult offers a wide range of services including:

Activities of planning and execution of plans for monitoring and environmental characterization of coastal engineering works, and maritime engineering of coastal areas subject to dredging, Sites of National Interest reclamation, Sites of Community Interest and protected marine areas;

Classification and destination of the material to be dredged / moved based on physical, chemical, microbiological and ecotoxicological characteristics;

Activities of planning and execution of monitoring plans during the excavation and delivery phases of dredged sediments at the final destination sites (sea, confined spaces, special landfills, etc.) in the phases before, during and after operations;

Continuous environmental monitoring activities with fixed instruments (buoys, etc.), acquisition, data processing and real-time return of monitored values;

Performing seabed morphology surveys using Multi Beam, Side Scan Sonar, Single Beam, Sub-Bottom Profiler and ROV;

Environmental studies and surveys.